Our founding members, Paul Laib and Lida Guichard Henning, have been respected in the insurance industry for a combined 35+ years. In addition to having developed and sold health and life insurance products for clients in the USA, Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America that are still available today, they have also used their extensive international experience to establish and develop Brokers Link Group.

Based on their experiences dealing with medical crises, they recognized the need for a dedicated top-notch medical program to be the link between their clients and their U.S.-based medical care needs. Brokers Link Group aims to assist, guide, and provide resources to individuals when a crisis occurs, with the belief that access to medical care in the United States for international members can be life-changing.

Travel, housing, and treatment costs are often unforeseeable expenses associated with medical needs in the United States. Additionally, many families, employees, directors, and companies might not know how to respond to billing and legal questions. BLG understands how critical it is to have professional guidance and access to the correct resources in such decision-making moments.


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  • Settlements for medical expenses for individuals who are not insured or not covered by insurance companies
  • Medical expense review including packages and self-pay contracts
  • Medical packages facilitation with doctors and hospitals in Florida
  • Medical consulting
  • Discounted medications
  • Doctors scheduling assistance for self-pay visits in Florida
  • Mail assistance for medical invoices forwarded electronically via email (within 7 days of receipt)
  • 24-hour support at time of an emergency including evacuation services
  • Consultation for life, health and travel insurance
  • Consultation for real estate in Florida

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